113" S&S motor + carb from 1982 FXR

113" S&S motor + carb from 1982 FXR
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  • Item #: EP20758
  • Manufacturer: S&S
  • Condition: Used

S&S motor + carb from the 1982 FXR shown in the last two photos THIS is the reason I purchased this bike... for it's HEART. I've never owned a motor of this size. It fires right up and sounds wonderful. I took this bike out for a little ride before taking her apart. It's a beastly powerful motor. The speedometer has a little over 2k miles on it... I'm only ASSuming that that's how old this motor is. I'm told it's a 113" from the previous owner, but I have no way of proving that (unless someone out there wants to run those numbers). I have four Evo FXRs on the road at the moment and this will be my backup to whichever one dies first... unless you decide you want it more than I. I checked online and see them going for $6000 to $7000. I will NOT be shipping this motor... so it will need to be a back door cash transaction. $4000 even will do.

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