FXR or DIE! wrist bands 2011

FXR or DIE! wrist bands 2011
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Yep, I just have to have some..... so I made a few extra sets for those who want to grab 'em while I've got 'em. FXR -or- DIE! on one of them and Elvis' Place 2011 on the other. These things are GREAT! The photos represent an ALL DAY session with the set shown. VERY COMFORTABLE! I practiced yoga for an hour.... threw tennis balls for Benjamin for an hour... packed up sold items for an hour..... I'll be playing tennis in another set this weekend! Oh yes, and on those hot days on a MOTORCYCLE, preferably an FXR model, they are GREAT for wiping off your brow. *** I ONLY HAVE THESE LEFT: white and red ones left.... white w/black embroidery, or white w/red..... the same with the red ones. Just tell me which set you want. These are almost gone!!! ..... Yes, all out of black. Sorry.

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