Harley leather jacket shirt size XXL

Harley leather jacket shirt size XXL
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  • Item #: EP22653
  • Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
  • Condition: Used

Harley leather jacket shirt size XXL that I purchased a few years ago. I bought it new and I think it was close to $300. It's VERY nice. I only wore it a few times. It's a little too small for this old man.... Here's the story; back when I was very young, just starting in the world of Harley, I worked at Dudley Perkins HD, for a very small amount of money...  I could barely pay rent back then. This bad-ass shirt came out and I wanted one really bad... but could NOT afford one. Forward to a few years ago, I decidely to buy an XXL AND an XL, because I could. Well, I realize that I don't wear them all that much today, so here they are for you. EP22654 if you want that XL

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