gas tank - 1994 FXLR

gas tank - 1994 FXLR
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  • Item #: EP18559
  • Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
  • Condition: Used

Gas tank black w/ gold pinstripe - from a 1994 FXLR. Has a few marks from use, but looks straight and free of dents. Aircraft style cap.... but did not come with the "key" that will loosen it.... so, you will not want to tighten it... or use a different cap. I hear a little something inside.... so be prepared to clean it out (I say that about all of my tanks.... but I tend to just clean out the petcock once in a while and all is well... but I'll leave that up to the next owner). Looking for the fenders? See EP18558 and 560. Shown, but not included.

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